• New NERF Surprise

    Collect all the mini games for hours of endless fun
  • The Element of Surprise

    From coins to toys, have fun trying to collect them all!
  • Claussen Pickle Flavor Jelly Beans

    For the person who craves pickles with every meal, dessert included!
  • Welch's Jelly Beans

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with real fruit-flavors

What's New?

What's better than candy? Candy dipped in more candy! The new Lunchables Nachos have delicious fruit flavored "chip" gummies that come with 2 delicious candy dipping sauces.

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collage of logos and illustrations of Frankford's brands

Brands You Love!

We work with the world’s most beloved brands to offer innovative collections of seasonal classics and everyday favorite confections that deliver sweet smiles, whether shopping online or in-store.

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