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OREO® Ultimate Dunking Gift Set
Item No. 64008 In stock
This gift set includes: 6 OREO® cookies, 1 OREO® branded glass mug, 1 cookie cage that attaches perfectly to the glass, 1 set of dunking tongs and napkins. Net weight is 2.4 ounces.
OREO® Peppermint Bark, 4pk
Item No. 64017 In stock
Includes 4 OREO® Peppermint Bark Bars. Net weight is 2.5oz per bar.
OREO® Milkshake Gift Set
Item No. 64009 In stock
Gift set includes 2 ceramic milkshake glasses, 2 straws, a scoop plus 4 OREO® cookies. Net weight is 1.55oz.
OREO® Cookies 'n Cream Bark, 4pk
Item No. 64016 In stock
Item includes 4 OREO®Cookies 'n Cream Bark bars. Each bar net weight is 2.5 oz.
Milk Chocolate Gold Coins, 12pk
Item No. 64012 In stock
This item includes 12 mesh wrapped bags of coins. Each mesh bag weighs 1.23oz.
M&M'S® Night Before Christmas Gift Set
Item No. 64006 In stock
Gift set includes 1 ceramic plate, 1 printed cup and 4 M&M'S® Fun Size Candy Pouches. Net weight 1.83 ounces.
M&M'S® Mug Gift Set, Yellow
Item No. 64004 In stock
This Gift Set includes 1 ceramic yellow M&M'S® branded mug and 5 pouches of M&M'S Peanut Fun Size Candies. Net weight is 3.17oz.
M&M'S® Mug Gift Set, Red
Item No. 64002 In stock
Gift Set includes 1 ceramic mug and 6 pouches of M&M'S® Fun Size Candies. Net weight is 2.75oz.