Sweet News

  • New Dunkin' Chocolate 10/27/2022
    Frankford is delivering new Dunkin' chocolate goodness to the candy aisle! 
    We are  teaming up again with Dunkin' this holiday season to introduce new chocolate candies inspired by fan-favorite Dunkin' beverages and donuts. The new Dunkin' Box O' Chocolates, along with two new Hot Chocolate BOMB® varieties – Dunkaccino and Spicy – are beginning to roll out this month and will be available for a limited time at retailers nationwide, as well as online at Amazon and, of course, here through our webshop.

  • Frankford Donates Candy to Philly's South Street Easter Promenade 4/22/2022
    Frankford Candy is proud to donate Easter Candy to Philadelphia's iconic South Street Easter Promenade, allowing for an Easter bag filled with Frankford's Candy to be distributed to all contestants in the parade.
  • Hot Chocolate Bomb Dessert Bar 12/10/2020

    Have you created your own fantastical Hot Chocolate Bomb Dessert Bar yet? Move on from boring old meat and cheese boards and tired ice cream bars and meet the trendiest new way to slide into the weekend (or anyday since honestly who knows what day of the week it is anymore)!
  • Everything you need to know about Krabby Patties! 9/8/2020

    One of the most common subjects discussed with our Customer Service Team is Krabby Patties. Mainly whether the green gummy is meant to be a lettuce or a pickle (it’s lettuce). To help answer all your questions on the Krabby Patty, sit back and watch this entertaining video from the team at Nickelodeon.

  • Frankford Delivered More Than 150K Bars To Local Hospitals During June, July 7/20/2020

    Hospital workers with donated chocolate

    Philadelphia — Frankford Candy LLC partnered with Blommer Chocolate Co. to donate more than 150,000 milk chocolate candy bars to hospitals around Philadelphia during June and July, Frankford reports.

  • Top 5 Movie Quotes about Candy 12/15/2016

    A woman and man eating snacks while watching a movie outdoors

    It’s probably obvious that we love candy for many reasons. Well, that’s because it brings excitement and joy to our lives in a variety of ways. It’s delicious, fun to eat and it’s a great gift to share with loved ones. Not to mention, it is the subject of a lot of popular movie scenes. And these days let's be honest - movies are the perfect escape!

  • Welcome to Our Blog! 12/12/2016

    rows of chocolate bunnies

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the Frankford Candy blog. We promise to fill your world with all things sweet. What do we mean by that exactly?