overhead shot showing off the dessert bar

Hot Chocolate Bomb Dessert Bar

Have you created your own fantastical Hot Chocolate Bomb Dessert Bar yet? Move on from boring old meat and cheese boards and tired ice cream bars and meet the trendiest new way to slide into the weekend (or anyday since honestly who knows what day of the week it is anymore)!

We know you love Hot Chocolate. And we know you love experiences. So join the latest trend and use our original Hot Chocolate Bomb to bring the most delicious and even decadent treat to your holiday tradition. Simply drop the Hot Chocolate Bomb into your mug then pour warm milk on top and watch as the chocolate melts and the surprise marshmallows pop to the surface. Pure deliciousness. Or you can go all out like we did and create a Hot Chocolate Bomb Dessert Bar to turn your drink into a dessert - or anytime snack, we won't judge. We piled our cutting board with all types of sweets and channeled our inner ice cream bar tendencies. Pour whip cream on top, add some cookies, add more candy and admire your masterpiece. Send us photos of your Hot Chocolate Bomb Dessert Bar through our Contact Us page and we may post on our blog!

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