Frankford Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate BOMB® Ranked #1 by Mashed!

Frankford Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate BOMB® Ranked #1 by Mashed!

Mashed has put out a ranking of 13 Hot Cocoa Bombs and the Frankford Double Chocolate came out as the winner! Read below for their full review:

1. Frankford Double Chocolate

Double Chocolate really is the best of both worlds. Half is milk chocolate, half is dark chocolate, and the result is a sweet but deeply chocolatey cocoa bomb. This cocoa bomb not only tasted more chocolatey than most of the others but also was a noticeably darker color.

The chocolate did take its good sweet time melting but it did not clump in the ways that many of the others did. Additionally, it offered mini marshmallows in decent quantities. Interestingly, even though it is one of the cheaper companies on this list, Frankford is not stingy with its marshmallows. And really, that is the root of why we love this hot cocoa bomb so much.

Not only was it one of the more delicious-tasting cocoa bombs, with a generous amount of marshmallows, but it was also among the cheapest. This cocoa bomb company provides flavor and value in a way that most of the other hot cocoa bombs just don't. This bomb may not offer the same fancy designs as others, but it doesn't have to. It knows it is delicious and that people who find it will love it.

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