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Disney Mickey Mouse Milk Chocolate Tin Heart
Item No. 65004 In stock
The heart-shaped tin is filled with a Disney Mickey and Friends bag of heart-shaped Milk Chocolate. Total net weight is 3.6 oz.
Disney Mickey & Friends Wonder Mates Plus Prize, 7pk
Item No. 69134201 In stock
Includes 7 individual boxes of Mickey & Friends Wonder Mates Plus Prize. Once you have collected 6 individual boxes, you can submit your information to receive a FREE Coin Collector's Book. Simply take a photograph of the 6 boxes UPC (found on the bottom of each box) and upload your photos & contact information & follow the prompts on our Contact Us page here: We will send your book within 8 weeks. Enjoy!
Disney Plastic Eggs with Candy,16 count eggs
Item No. 67088301 In stock
A collection of plastic easter eggs featuring Disney characters, each bag contains 16 wrapped eggs filled with candy
Disney Mickey Mouse Giant Egg with Candy, 3.25 oz
Item No. 67129403 In stock
Giant colored egg filled with 2.5 oz of fruit-flavored jelly beans and 3 Smarties candy rolls. Eggs are wrapped in Mickey Mouse themed character artwork.