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March Madness is around the corner and we want to join in the fun. But, we need your help to build our pool and pick the Final Four Wonder Ball teams. The game is simple- take a creative photo of your Wonder Ball, give it a “team” name like Wisconsin Wonder, Ball Hog or Wonderballers...and of courseshare them with us on social using the hashtag above.

Our favorite images will be featured below for a week at a time. During the week of April 3rd, we will post the "final four" images to be voted on. So, which one will get the most votes and win the championship? Share yours now and let the madness begin!

Oh, we almost forgot to mention that the photographer of the winning image will get a treat from Frankford that’s sure to be a real slam dunk!

Vote for your favorite image below!

What is your favorite Frankford Candy?

The Frankford Candy Story

Frankford Candy was founded in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1947 as a manufacturer of seasonal chocolate products.
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