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Monday, December 12, 2016

rows of chocolate bunnies

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Frankford Candy blog. We promise to fill your world with all things sweet. What do we mean by that exactly?

Well…ever wonder what flavor a Krabby Patty is? Or how chocolate bunnies are made? Stick around, we might just tell you. Or, we’d love to hear from you! What do YOU think is the next best candy? Let us know on the "Contact Us" page.

And of course, we have a few surprises up our sleeves that we hope will make you laugh and keep you entertained! We don’t want to give too much away in our first post, though. Our blog is meant to make you smile, get you excited and learn more about what our world tastes like. Candy is a part of all of us here at Frankford and we are excited to share our passion with you.