Top Frankford Products to Have at a BBQ

Posted on 
June 7

Summer is finally here which means so are barbecues with family and friends! So, we want to help you figure out how to make all celebrations fun using some of our delicious treats. Check out the list of Frankford items we think are a must have at any get together this summer!

Let us know if you think there are other Frankford items that are fit for a summer cook out. And, if you play any of the games we’ve come up with below, be sure to share photos with us on social!


1. Krabby Patties

What’s a BBQ without gummy Krabby Patties?! We have a game to go along with these gummy treats and we think it’ll be a hit! The rules are simple…grab some skewers, set a timer and see who can stack the most Krabby Patties in one minute!
We were only able to get 11… Try it for yourself and share your results with us on social!


2. Welch’s Soft Licorice

We definitely have a soft spot for Welch’s Strawberry and Concord Grape Licorice, especially in the summer. So, we want to include it in the cookout fun! How do you “play” with licorice, you ask? That’s easy. Grab some straws (or toothpicks) and put an assortment of licorice in a bowl.
Let your guests play “gummy construction” and see what kind of creations they come up with! 


3. Dino Wonder Ball

Ahh, the Wonder Ball! We might like this idea best.
See who can juggle three Wonder Balls for the longest amount of time. Of course, keep it in the foil for this part. Since it’s a hollow chocolate ball, we think people will work extra hard not to drop it. Who wouldn’t want a delicious Wonder Ball for dessert?!


4. Character Fans

Everyone needs a fan for the summer. In this heat, a portable one with candy in it is even better! So, what can you do with candy fans at a barbecue? Here’s an idea: set up an assortment of our character fans on the table. Then, tie a blindfold over the eyes of one of your guests. Have them hold the fan and try and guess what character they have. If they guess right, let them have the candy as their prize!


5. Gold Coins

Okay, we don’t have a game to go along with our chocolate gold coins, but we sure have an activity that we think will be the best way to end the night!
S’MORES! Yes, you heard that right…s’mores! Grab some graham crackers, marshmallows and our gold coins. Roast the marshmallows, place them on the cracker and top it off with our chocolate coin. Then you’ll have yourself a warm, delicious, homemade treat.