Employee Spotlight- Alex Hubiak

Posted on 
June 22
Hi Everyone! Welcome to our first ever Employee Spotlight blog. We are so excited to give you a sweet little insight into what happens here at Frankford.
So, to make you feel part of the Frankford Family, we are going to introduce you to some of our employees.
First up is Alex Hubiak! Alex has been working at Frankford Candy for a little over six years. He started here as an intern and then he became a Freelance Contract Designer. Now he is a Senior Production Designer and has been in that position for three years.
During a normal day, you can find Alex working on up to 30 different projects stemming from all seasons. Alex helps with designing items and making the requested art changes to all of our products. His main focus is to make sure any product that leaves Frankford looks its absolute best. He is excellent at what he does!
His proudest professional moment was working on the Minion Wonder Ball. He was very excited to be part of bringing the Wonder Ball back since that was a big part of his childhood. He is also proud of working on Elf on the Shelf Mug Set that is sold during the holiday season. That was the first item that he designed and he was thrilled when it finally hit shelf. Yay Alex!
His favorite Frankford Candy are the Peanut Butter cups. When he’s not in the office though, he likes to snack on Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. We think it’s safe to say that chocolate + peanut butter = Alex’s favorite combination.
Alex is known to walk by your desk and make a funny sound or scream “Yeah!” He likes to do impressions and mimic voices…he even likes to sing! 
Frankford Candy would not be the same without Alex. Without his energy, the office would be a lot less entertaining!