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Super Mario Easter Basket with Candy
Item No. 67123401 In stock
A basket filled with a collection of Super Mario themed toys and fun sized pack of jellybeans
Super Mario™ Milk Chocolate Tin Heart
Item No. 65003 In stock
The heart-shaped tin is filled with a Super Mario™ bag of heart-shaped Milk Chocolate. Total net weight is 3.6 oz.
Mario Wonder Ball, 10pk
Item No. 69134101 In stock
Includes 10 boxes of Super Mario Wonder Ball. Once you have collected 6 individual boxes, you can submit your information to receive a FREE Coin Collector's Book. Simply take a photograph of the 6 boxes UPC (found on the bottom of each box) and upload your photos & contact information & follow the prompts on our Contact Us page here: https://www.frankfordcandy.com/contact-us. We will send your book within 8 weeks. Enjoy!