Community Engagement

Frankford Candy believes in the value of loyalty, trust and community engagement. For 70 years, we have employed local members of the city of Philadelphia- a lot of the same workers have been with us for nearly 50 years.

Staying true to our values as a company by getting involved with our community is extremely important to us here at Frankford Candy. 

For five years (and counting), we have been proud to support The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia by holding our annual “Sweets for Smiles” fundraiser. It has been our pleasure to work with a community partner that continuously provides top level care to children in need.

Sweets for Smiles all began when we wanted to give back to those who keep our business fun, exciting and successful…the kids!

The fundraiser is a night full of family fun- including raffles, food, drinks and bowling games. Every dollar raised brings much needed support to kids of all ages who are being treated at CHOP. We are proud to say that within five years we have raised about $200,000.

In addition to our Sweets for Smiles fundraiser, we partner with local non-profits, schools, nursing homes, community centers, police stations and community groups. We are proud of the partnerships that we have created and we look forward to another successful year. Giving back sure is sweet!