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Apple Jacks White Candy Rabbit, 1.6oz
Item No. 69815601 In stock
Includes 1.6oz of sweet white candy rabbit mixed with Apple Jacks cereal.
Avocado Date Night Plush with Candy
Item No. 65000901 In stock
One dark green avocado plush and one light green avocado plush tied & sewn together with a white ribbon. Includes box of red gummy hearts. Net weight 1 ounce.
Baby Shark Easter Basket with Candy
Item No. 67133501 In stock
Caramel Apple Hot Chocolate Ball, 12 Pk
Item No. 62226702 In stock
Each box includes 1 individually wrapped caramel apple hot chocolate BOMB®. This is a 12 Pack. Net weight: 1.6 Ounces per box.
Cocoa PEBBLES™ Candy Bar, 18 Count
Item No. 61097902 In stock
Cocoa PEBBLES™ flavored candy bar with robust cocoa flavor. Net weight 2.75oz per bar, 18 count per box.
Cocoa PEBBLES™ Cinnamon King Size Candy Bar, 18 Count
Item No. 61133401 In stock
Net Weight: 2.74 Ounces
Corgi Plush with Gummies, 1 oz
Item No. 65079504 Sold out
Includes box of 1 ounce heart-shapped gummies. Plush care: Surface wash only.
$8.00 Not available
Dino Date Night Plush w. Gummy
Item No. 65000801 Sold out
$9.00 Not available